November 22, 2011

Five Must Haves for Winter Beauty

Winter has already reared its head in much of the northern hemisphere. Time to adapt your wardrobe and beauty routine. Here are our top five must-haves for the season:

1. Tights! We've seen gorgeous tights available in colors and patterns that will add punch to your typically neutral winter garb. Warm up with argyle, sweater knits and multicolored stockings to wear under skirts, dresses and tunic tops. Styles range from neutrals to metallics in eye-popping hues of aqua, purple, red and orange. Check out the selections at HUE, Modcloth and Kohl's.

2. Metallic Nail Color! Silver, gold, bronze and gunmetal, there seems to be no limit as to color choices this year, but they must be glitzy and they can even be magnetic. How cool is this? Nail lacquer that achieves unique designs with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. It's true! You can get this amazing new accessory at Sephora.

3. Skin Smoothers! You too can have baby soft skin all winter long. How? Exfoliate, my dears, every day if you dare. New formulations of body scrubs include skin-loving butters, oils and nutrients along with body buffers like jojoba spheres, fine grain sugar and mineral salts. Bidwell Botanicals offers numerous options including holiday faves Gingerbread Latté and Sugar Plum. It's a one step exfoliating and smoothing process you can do in your shower. Just wet your skin, scrub gently with the product of your choice and rinse clean leaving skin super soft and glowing. On sale now through the end of November!

4. Hair Tamers! Cold air, snow, rain and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your tresses. Lucky for you there are so many choices right on your drug store shelves to help keep you locks in line. Calm frizzies with L'Oreal EverSleek Frizz Taming Crème Serum, used along with the EverSleek sulfate-free shampoo and smoothing conditioner, your hair will be full of body and free from flyaways. I've used this product on my naturally crazy curly hair and it works miracles!

5. Sweaters! You have to stay warm outside but you don't want to get heat stroke indoors so layer, layer, layer! Cardigans are awesome to wear over turtlenecks, tees or blouses and fit smoothly under your jacket or coat. Give your winter wardrobe a color boost with these classic cardigans in colors and patterns that are sure to please. Ann Taylor offers super fine wool sweaters in colors like fresh tulip and spiced cherry. Their Loft selections include this party-pretty sequined draped cardigan and they're offering 40% off your entire purchase! Looking for a quick color fix for less cha-ching? Target offers the Mossimo Women's Ultrasoft Cardigan in a plethora of colors for under $10.00.

So there you have it! What are your must haves for the winter season?

September 26, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Here comes my favorite time of year! I love the cooler weather, changing leaves and all of the fall/winter holidays. So excited to bring back our classic holiday products! Our Spiced Pumpkin gift set is on sale until September 30th. Get one (or more) of these deliciously scented goodies. They make perfect host/hostess gifts and appreciated tokens of your affection as holiday gifts. We're offering 20% off each set that includes a jar of our award-winning Shea Butter Sugar Scrub and a bar of Spiced Pumpkin Soap all wrapped up in a festive gift box. Just use check-out code: spice09.

April 28, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (coming soon!)

Pssstt... did you know that Mother's Day is May 8th? I know, it sneaked up on me too! Fear not, friends, you can spoil her with our natural spa, bath & body treats, including decadent moisturizers, scrubs, artisan soaps & more. Still can't decide? We have instant E-gift cards to save your day and pamper your Mama!

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March 29, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

At a recent doctors visit I learned that many people have vitamin D deficiency. One of the most natural sources of vitamin D is sunshine. Your body does not naturally create vitamin D, it was designed to make it through sun exposure - UVB rays to be exact. We've all been drilled to stay out of the sun due to skin cancer concerns, and rightly so. Be smart and wear sunscreen as directed and limit your time in direct sun especially during peak hours in the middle of the day. You do need a bit of sun time to recharge your vitamin D batteries and just 15 minutes a day will help boost your levels naturally. A little bit will do ya!

February 23, 2011

Lip Service

Considering the recent weather events I'd wager a guess that a lot of you are suffering from painfully chapped lips. Am I wrong? Didn't think so! The number one BEST way to cure winter-lip problems is to prevent them in the first place. Too little, too late? Try these tips:

  • Protect and soothe lips with a highly emollient lip care product. One that contains occlusive oils such as petrolatum or beeswax are best. Vegetable oils such as castor or shea butter will help to retain moisture and keep the tender lip area from being battered by cold winds and dry indoor heat.
  • True Fact: DO NOT constantly lick your lips! This habit might bring temporary relief to dry lips but saliva contains digestive enzymes that can do more damage than good to already chapped lips. The moistness will evaporate very quickly and will actually make your lips drier.
  • You might not think about this as much when it's freezing outside, but it's really important to make sure you take in the recommended amount of water each day all year round. This helps to maintain your body's hydration levels and will aid in keeping skin and lips healthy.
  • Try to include foods that are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and B2 in your daily diet to help maintain healthy skin and lips.
  • When purchasing lipstick go for the moisturizing types that contain extra oils and butters to keep lips soft and supple.
  • If your lips are mega-chapped and cracked apply a dab of Vaseline over your favorite lip care product, Blistex or Carmex are great choices, just before you go to sleep. This will go a long way to healing and protecting your poor abused pucker.

I hope these hints help. Smile! Winter can only last, what, another few months or so?