May 25, 2008

If It's Not One Thing...

Please give me a break! I've had problems with my back for ages apparently due to athletics and idiocy of my youth. Not one particular problem but the pain seems to randomly migrate from one place to another. If I have a month with relatively no back pain it's a miracle!

This month it's my upper left quadrant, including neck, shoulder and everything in between. Muscle spasms, stiffness, pain - oh yeah - it's awesome. Now this would be enough to slow me down but my body seems to react to a lowered immunity with a vengeance. I have had a sinus/cold thing going on for about a week now. If I didn't think it would stuff me up more I'd have a good cry. Instead you're stuck listening to me whine.

I see a chiropractor who is very good at relieving my symptoms, but this just keeps coming back and usually at night so I can't sleep. Obviously that isn't helping matters. Today when I cough, which is often, it's creating painful twinges under my left shoulder blade that radiates pain like a super conductor throughout my back. I'm not loving life this morning.

Oh, and the kids drank all the milk last night so I couldn't have tea this morning. Hmphh!

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