June 2, 2008

Step Right Up!

If you're like me, the last thing you think about in your beauty regimen are your feet. I admit it - I'm guilty of tootsie abuse. I stand on my feet many hours a day and wear ruts in the workroom floor. I go barefoot in the summer time and fall into bed too tired to moisturize my poor peds after my evening shower. It's criminal, I tell you! If you're ready to stop the cycle of abuse there are a few simple things you can do even once a week to make amends and get those toes in top shape.

1. The first thing you have to do is schedule about 30 minutes without interruption. Yeah, I know, but you deserve at least half an hour to yourself. I do this at night so the moisturizer has time to soak in really well and it's relaxing. Assemble your pedicure accoutrements:
Towel, plastic tub or bathtub, foot soak, exfoliating scrub (Peppermint Buffing Creme) or pumice stone, moisturizer for feet, nail clippers, emery board, cuticle stick and spa socks or white cotton socks. Nail polish is a plus if you have time to let it dry well.

2. Pour comfortably warm water into a plastic tub big enough to fit both feet up to your ankles. You can also just shallowly fill the bathtub and sit on the side. Add some Epsom salts, oatmeal (the old-fashioned kind) or any variety of botanicals you have on hand like rose petals or mint leaves. Use your imagination or use a product specifically made to soak your feet like our Cooling Peppermint Foot Soak. Lean back and soak your feet for about 10-15 minutes. Yes - I said to sit down in one place for one quarter of an hour! Read, watch TV or just meditate, it will be over before you know it.

3. Rinse feet with warm water and drain the tub. Massage damp feet with your scrub product or a pumice stone, concentrating on extra rough areas. I usually do this for about 5 minutes per foot for a thorough treatment. Rinse feet again and dry well.

4. Now is the time to push back your cuticles and clip or file nails as necessary. If you're going to polish your nails use a light moisturizer, our Peppermint Foot Cream is a good one, and wait until it dries before you start. Give polish plenty of time to dry before going to bed or putting on shoes. If you're not using polish, I suggest a heavy duty product like PM Foot Repair to help seal in moisture. Then slip on a pair of light cotton socks and you're done. You'll wake up to soft, pretty feet ready for those new sexy sandals.

Take care of your feet. After all, they do get you where you're going.

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