July 26, 2009

What are Phthalates?

There has been a lot of talk about phthalates in the news lately and most of us probably never heard of them until now. Phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) are a group of chemicals used in hundreds of products like toys, medical supplies, vinyl flooring, food packaging and cosmetics. In cosmetics they are employed as solvents or plasticizers in products like perfume, nail polish and hairspray.

According to the FDA it is not clear what dangers phthalates may pose. In a study by the National Toxicology Program concluded that reproductive risks from exposure to phthalate esters were minimal to negligible in most cases. There are many reports and commentaries that link use of phthalates to reproductive damage due to exposure during fetal development, premature puberty and other endocrine disorders.

Because of the concerns many cosmetic and fragrance manufacturers are discontinuing the use of phthalates in their products, Bidwell Botanicals included. Though there is no conclusive research that definitively states the dangers we feel it is best for our customers to use fragrances and ingredients that are phthalate-free.

For more information about phthalates please visit the following web sites:

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