September 3, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

It's already Labor Day Weekend! How did that happen? It seems the months just keep flying by and I can barely make plans and the month is over. I know most of you probably feel this way too, and that's why I'm offering my top ten reasons to start your holiday shopping now list:
  1. September quickly becomes December in a wink of an eye! Don't be fooled by glimpses of summer still in the air. We're heading into Autumn people, and you know what comes next!
  2. Take advantage of end of summer and Labor Day sales where you can scoop up all kinds of cute clothes, beachwear for the mid-winter vacation to the south and tons of gifts at outrageously cheap prices to store until December.
  3. If you're looking for something particular and unique do it now. You're likely not the only one looking for it and if it's truly unique there won't be many of them to go around. Jump on it!
  4. Holiday decorations are on sale all over the place right now. I picked up some very cool Thanksgiving table decorations for a very good price at Michaels. If you're planning on crafting decorations get in to your local craft store now as most are super stocked with supplies and you'll have time to get it done before the holidays begin.
  5. Shop online? I know that a lot of people think web shopping means instantaneous gratification. Those of us that supply you with goods also get crazy busy during this time of the year and we adore customers that put their big holiday orders in early. It gives us time to get things made and shipped in a timely manner. It also gives you time, God forbid, to exchange items that were not exactly what you wanted, wrong size, color, etc and get the returns to you on time.
  6. Lots of stores offer pre-holiday sales sometimes to move out old stock to make room for new items, but many times they cut prices on new items to make sure they make their profits early in the holiday shopping season.
  7. Things can get a little crazy around the holidays with relatives stopping in, school productions, office parties and more. Getting your gift shopping done, wrapped and ready to give in advance will take a bite out of the frantic times to come.
  8. Check for purchase incentives as many companies are offering buy 2 - get 1 free, or a gift with purchase that you can either keep for yourself or give to someone else.
  9. I don't do huge, angry crowds, especially during a season I prefer to feel joyous and at peace with the world. Let's face it - standing in line with a bunch of grumpy, tired and frustrated people on Christmas Eve all fighting for the last "insert item name" is not my idea of a good time. By getting out there now there's plenty of merchandise, I can spread my spending over a few months and skip the mobs in December.
  10. My top ten reason to start your holiday shopping now: (drum roll please) In the words of a wise comedian, "Git er done!" It never fails that if I procrastinate something happens and I wind up in an insane rush and for me that just takes the joy out of the holiday.
Those are my reasons to get a jump on your gift giving this year. In blog posts to come I'll give you some good suggestions on what to give, how to wrap it, where to buy and get great prices.
So put on your comfy walking shoes, make a list and check it twice, get a grip on that Visa and let's shop!!


CREATIVEGoddess said...

Definitely! I'd rather be drinking Glögg and building gingerbread houses than deal with insane holiday traffic.

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

I totally agree I am already ordering my Christmas Candles as they make great gifts. Get it done now before the rush!