March 12, 2016

Bidwell BotanicalsBidwell Botanicals is moving! For putting up with our dust and clutter we are going to celebrate our new place by giving you free stuff, because we're just awesome like that.

Share our Facebook page, Bidwell Botanicals, with your friends, family, and those who love amazing skincare products. If you've used our products, please post and tell us why you love them.Tell your peeps to post to say who referred them and what products they've used or would like to try, and you will earn our undying appreciation.

What? Not enough? Okay... how about we'll enter your name and theirs into a random drawing for free Bidwell Botanicals products? Yeah, that's the ticket. Oh, and for each person you send over that names you as the referrer, we'll enter your name again! WOOT!! We will draw names when the dust settles on March 28, 2016, for three winners AND the friend you sent over. Prize packages worth up to $50! You're welcome!

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