April 14, 2008

Put a Spring in Your Step!

Spring has sprung as the saying goes. Here in the south we've already been treated to bursts of bright yellow daffodils and forsythia, clouds of cherry blossoms and dazzling red tulips dotting front yards and street corners all over town. Masses of vibrant azaleas grace landscapes with shades of pink, white and crimson. The dogwoods recently bloomed in pink and white showing off their southern charm, while drifts of multi-colored pansies happily bob their heads during our frequent spring showers. Birds and butterflies are in abundance, as well as the constant drone of the carpenter bees as they do their hovercraft impersonations looking for a mate and a place to nest.

The temperatures are just about warm enough to set out our summer annuals. I say just about because today we actually got a little bit of snow. That's right... here in the deep south we had snow flakes falling in the middle of the day. Crazy! I'm good with this cold snap though, because soon enough the only cool air we'll get will be blowing out of our air conditioning units, and I have to pay for that pleasure.

I went out and snapped a few shots of the first spring flowers and plants. As you can see some of them are still sporting a light coat of yellow pollen. Anyone familiar with spring in the south knows what I'm talking about. Thankfully the recent rains have washed away a lot of the evil dust, but more is to come with the setting of pine cones and flowering magnolias. It's a small price to pay for the beauty Spring brings us each year, even if some of us have to view it from behind our tightly closed windows.

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Molly said...

Congratulations on the new blog, Jill!

This post has made my spring fever worse... here in New England things are just starting to sprout after the long winter...