August 11, 2008

Have I Mentioned It's Hot?

I'm sure I have. I believe I say it about 100 times a day now, a number that sadly enough matches the temperatures we've been having recently. If August were wiped off the map and we could just jump into September I would be a happy camper. Alas, we all know that's not going to happen so I thought I would list some ways that I've found help me to keep my cool when it's- well HOT!

Everyone knows a dip in the pool or a cool shower will help bring your body temperature down but that's not always an option. I keep a spray bottle of mineral water mixed with a bit of lavender and mint hydrosol and some aloe juice in the fridge. When I'm in a hurry and just need a quick pick-me-up I indulge in a few spritzes at the back of my neck, my face and anything else that's exposed. It dries quickly but leaves a fresh, cool feeling that helps beat the heat.

Drink lots of water. I know, you've heard that before, but it really is something we all tend to forget. Iced tea and juice are good but they also contain calories, sugar and caffeine. Water will refresh you and help restore any fluid lost when you sweat. Stay away from sodas if possible when your outdoors on hot days. The caffeine and carbonation tend to dry you out and can leave you feeling woozy.

I grew up in the South and believe it or not we had no air conditioning in our house. Florida gets pretty hot and humid in the summer- make that all year. I remember some of the older ladies used to sit on their front porch with a glass of ice and a fan. They would take out a cube and rub it all over the back of their neck, face, arms, etc. Kind of messy but effective. You can get basically the same relief with a neck cooler. They come in several different forms, some with polymer beads that hold water for evaporation cooling and others are strips of freezable gel that you insert in a sleeve of fabric. If you're crafty try making one yourself:

I hope these tips help you to stay cool for the remainder of the summer. I have high hopes of an early Autumn this year. Hey- a girl can dream, can't she?

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