November 3, 2008

Cold Weather Skin Care

November is here and cold weather is right on its heels. Take some time to prepare your skin to withstand the blustery winds and dry indoor heat now and throughout the Winter months.

One of the very best way to prevent dry flaky patches is to help your skin retain its natural moisture balance. Moisturizing right after your bath or shower, especially just before bed, helps to form a barrier to slow transdermal moisture loss. Using a good moisture cream or body butter every day, especially on areas known to be trouble spots like elbows, knees and feet, is very effective.

Another trick is to promote new cell growth by removing dull dead cells from the surface of your epidermis. Your body naturally sloughs off dead skin but the removal rate is sometimes not what we'd like it to be. That can cause clogged pores and skin that appears dull and dry. Try using an all over body scrub to exfoliate the dead layer of cells and help promote new cell development. Think of it as deadheading your pansies to bring out new flowers. Take a jar into your shower or tub and use it 2-3 times a week for optimal benefits.

If you're a bath lover, like me, make sure you only soak in that warm (not hot!) water for about 15-20 minutes. As comforting as a hot bath or shower seems, they can actually cause moisture to evaporate from your skin. Using a bath additive or body wash with emollient qualities will help to minimize this effect, and don't forget to moisturize right after patting your skin dry.

Treat your body with TLC and you will reap the reward of soft, supple skin all year long.

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