November 20, 2008

What's It All About?

T-Day aka Thanksgiving Day is just about here. I have pies and stuffing to make. A house to clean and prepare for family that will be staying with us. Food to buy- LOTS of food! I am busy with making and sending out orders and trying to finalize some new products that will launch after the first of the year. Thinking about making enough food to feed an army and making sure I have enough clean towels and blankets is almost beyond my comprehension right now.

As a retailer I understand why most of the stores and advertisements have been pushing Christmas for weeks now. Local stores couldn't get the Halloween stuff off the shelves fast enough to insert the Christmas merchandise. Thanksgiving is hitting late this year so Christmas will be here before we know it making it a short shopping season. If you sell online it's even shorter if you want to deliver before the big day. All of this combined with the tight economy is making a lot of people very nervous that the most lucrative time of the year will not be quite so lucrative this year. Stress much? Who? Me?

Okay, breathe! Let's remember what this holiday is supposed to mean to us. Obviously thankfulness and reflection, but it's also about family, friends and sharing quality time with them, especially on this symbolic day. I try to take time to remember how lucky I am. I will be surrounded by my family (yes, that's a good thing!) We will be able to feed the masses in a warm and cozy environment. I remind myself that there are many who are not so blessed, and even more who have nothing at all.

Why not do something this year to help those that are less fortunate? There are many local charities in every community that will gladly accept donations of food, bedding and clothing, not to mention your time. Most grocery stores have donation bags pre-packed that you can purchase as you're checking out that they will deliver. You can donate to food banks, serve meals in your local homeless shelter or volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Get on your computer and search for local charity organizations or check with your church to see if they are planning any charity events. Unfortunately there is no lack of need, but there is lack of warm bodies to help.

Here's a short list to give you some ideas:
Meals on Wheels
Homeless Shelters
Toys for Tots
Children's Charities
St. Vincent de Paul
American Red Cross

Now get out there and make a difference!

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Anonymous said...


I saw your post on Twitter and so I checked out your blog.

I could not agree more. We forget what Thanksgiving is about. Thank you for reminding us.

Have a Blessed Holiday.

Ron Mintz
Jamestown, NC