December 11, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Every year when my kids ask me what I want for Christmas I tell them, "Peace on Earth." I would settle for peace in my general vicinity but as with most folks there always seems to be some drama or excitement going on. At least I'm never bored! My favorite part of the holidays is the family and friend time. I look forward to being surrounded by loved ones exchanging gifts, hugs and laughs.

This is going to sound really hokey but I really do love to give. Receiving is nice but not necessary. If I could I would love to give my children everything they desire. A new car. An acceptance letter from Harvard Divinity. A good job with good pay. Financial security all around and good health would be a bonus. Can I do this? Of course not! They have to work for these things and then they will hopefully reap the rewards. The best gift I can give them is my unconditional love and support, and that I do and have done all of their lives. Unfortunately you can't wrap that up and put it under the tree so I will have to come up with something a bit more tangible.

So what do I really want for Christmas? How about snow on Christmas day? Okay so that's a wish. How about a quiet day spent with my family or an evening out with my husband? Realistically I'd like a toaster that actually works properly - a four slice toaster that does bagels, thank you! A day at the spa is always welcomed. Oh, and as long as we're dreaming, remember diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'm just saying...

What's on your wish list?

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