February 5, 2009

The Thoughtful Valentine's Gift Guide

What? Another holiday? Enough already! Valentine's Day is only a week away and waiting until the last minute could be fatal - well to your love life anyway. My husband was smart when we set the date to be married he pushed for a week after February 14th. Why? At the time he said it was so that it would be close to the sweet holiday but every year when he took me out we wouldn't have problems getting reservations. Uh-huh. Guess which two occasions we combine celebrating now. Smart guy.

So what do you get your Valentine after you just showered them with gifts for Christmas? Check out the guide below to help you give them something sweet without blowing your budget. It really is the thought that counts. That and getting them the gift on time!
  • Gift Certificates - while they may come across as a fast fix for a forgotten gift they are usually a pretty safe bet if you pick the proper place to purchase it. Try to steer away from a generic "Visa" gift card a that doesn't show a lot of thought. Select a gift card for her fave exotic flower shop or vegan spa. Find out what clothing boutique she'd love to shop in but feels she can't afford to indulge in. Nearly everything is available online and most places offer e-gifts so you're still safely within the time limits of getting it to your honey by the 14th. Do yourself a favor and don't send it to her via email. Trust me. Print it out and put it in a well thought out card or better yet gift wrap it.

  • Does your guy love to play golf? Would he like to play better? Go to a local sporting goods shop and they can tell you where you can purchase a certificate for pro golf lessons. This goes for tennis, skiing, fly fishing, sky diving and just about any other sport you can think of.

  • Is she/he on a weight loss plan? That kind of rules out chocolates but you can still give them the sweets without the calories. Many bath & body companies offer delicious alternatives to eating candy in their product lines. A tiramisu freak? La Dolce Diva. Addicted to chocolate? Chocolate Obsessions.

  • Please guys, don't buy a generic "heart pendant". It's okay, we all make mistakes, but this year surprise her with a creative piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry. You don't have to break your bank and your options are limitless. Anna Sofia Designs offers a bevy of beautiful handcrafted paper jewelry. Luka Designs offers gorgeous seasonally inspired pieces. Jala takes colorful fabrics and traditional jewelry design elements to a new level. My favorite is their silk collection. Delish!
So what have we learned? The idea is to put some thought into the gift you're giving. It doesn't have to be expensive or lavish, but you do need to zone in on the one you love and give them something tailored to their tastes. Gals, go to a (insert sport) game with him if you usually avoid it. Have a beer and try to look like you're having a good time! Guys rent her favorite mushy movie, make popcorn and settle in for some hugging and kissing in front of the TV. You might even shed a token tear during the sad part. Okay - that's overdoing it but you get my drift.

Love to all!

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