February 9, 2009

Beauty Tip of the Day: Flake Off!

I am starting to sound like a broken record, but exfoliation is the name of the game, people. As we grow older our epidermis does not shed its dull layer of dead cells as quickly as is used to. Even you youngsters need to help nature along to avoid flaky skin, especially if you indulge in tanning of any kind. There are any number of ways to accomplish this task.

You can take the easy route and use a pre-made product like Bidwell Botanicals Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs, or Cactus & Ivy's Fresh Breeze Loofah Scrub to effectively buff your skin, moisturize and rinse clean in one easy step.

If you prefer the homemade route you can use any kind of small grain sugar ie: brown, raw, white or turbinado. Many people prefer the texture of a salt glow. Be careful not to do so if you've just shaved the parts you're scrubbing. Think beach water and newly shaved legs, ouch! If you only have a large grained product at home you can refine it in your coffee grinder. For that matter you can use ground coffee.

To make your own scrub you will need:
  • Vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil. All of these are readily available on your grocery store shelf. Try Wholefoods for their huge selection of veggie oils, many of them organic.
  • Scrubby of your choice such as white cane sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar or fine grain sea salt.
  • A bowl or cup and mixing utensil.
  • Source of water - preferably a tub or shower.
  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
Start by mixing your choice of exfoliant one to one with the oil and set to the side. A 1/4 cup of each should do for total body treatment. Moisten the area you are going to treat with warm water. Sit at the side of your tub or stand in your shower with the water off. Stir the mixture as it will separate and scoop out about a tablespoon. Start at the top of the area you are going to treat and work your way down. Gently scrub in a circular motion to help increase blood flow. Focus on dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet. I do not suggest using this treatment on your face as the skin is very fragile. When you're done shower off the residue using a gentle cleanser. This treatment can make your shower floor slippery so be careful. Step out, dry off and apply your favorite moisturizer.

VoilĂ ! Baby soft skin. If you're planning a trip to the spray tan booth make sure you do this a day in advance so there is no oil residue on your skin (ask your technician just to make sure). If you use one of Bidwell Botanicals scrubs or similar products you can use them the same day as they leave no oil residue on the skin. This treatment can be done as needed, usually twice weekly will suffice depending on your skin type and will help keep the flakes and itchy skin away all year long.

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Lisa M. Rodgers said...

Hey Jill!!

Thanks for the nod in your post! I love sharing the 'indie love' and greatly appreciate you including Cactus & Ivy Fresh Breeze Loofah!

You ROCK gal!! Have a fantabulous day!