February 24, 2009

Lent = Diet Time

I've always tried to use the Lenten season to jump on my diet plan. It seems like a good time to do it with all that Catholic guilt I harbor from my childhood. I tell myself that I'll give up this, that and the other thing and pump up my exercise routine so that when we open the pool shortly after Easter I won't cry when I put on my bathing suit for the first time. Does this work? I really don't know because I've never actually done it, but it is a good plan in theory!

Six weeks of extra exercise and less chocolate seems like it would be easy enough, but I stink at deprivation, especially when it comes to food. I can actually gain weight when I go on a diet. I think my body goes on famine alert and holds on to every fat cell and calorie it can get its greedy little mitts on. Oh, and my mind plays tricks on me. It's so not fair! It tells me that I give up so much already for my kids, husband, business, etcetera that I shouldn't have to give up the little bit of chocolate I indulge in (or the sushi, tea biscuits or bread). When it comes to exercise I do have some legitimate excuses but if I really wanted to I'm pretty sure I could walk briskly around the block several times a day. Then that little demon in my brain kicks in. "It's cold! It's raining! My feet hurt! I have too much work to do!" You get the idea.

So this year I'm really going to do it! No really... I am. I will start small. Minuscule. One day at a time. So no chocolate tomorrow (I'm already crying about this). Then one less teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. Once around the block when it's not raining. Maybe I'll get a Wii Fitness. Yeah, that's it! I'll join a gym. I could do that! See what I'm saying? I set myself up for failure if I reach too high and for me that means sticking to the once around the block for a few days and shelving the gym thing. After all I need to save my money for that new swimsuit. No really...

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